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Why Unschoolers Unschool…and More.

I sent this link to my husband a bit ago. Not only because he is an unschooling parent, but because he is a member of upper management. What amazing information and research for someone in his position(s) to have.

The line between school years and work years really isn’t a necessary one. One’s experience really can just evolve.


Unschooling: Rasputin to Russian Cuisine

Sometimes I am amazed by what inspires my children to learn.

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Rasputin’s…a record store. The kids all love music and were happy to spend an hour or so skimming through the used cd’s and vinyl.

We came home with some random 90’s cd’s, a “Sounds of WWII” record, a poster featuring an Albert Einstein quote, and a burning question:

“Who was Rasputin, mom?”

This warranted a trip to the library where various documentaries and books were retrieved for review.

Which led to a brief study on Russia.

Which led to one of the kids studying Russian cooking…which may lead to a trip to the Russian Market we found around the corner today.

Who knows where it will go from there.

I love to see them craving knowledge. I am treasuring these moments. Sometimes I find myself disappointed that my own education wasn’t as gratifying and electric.

Or maybe it is. I have learned more in these years than I ever learned in school. Perhaps their education IS my education too, at least to some extent. Afterall, their education is their own, and not mine to claim. Perhaps THEY inspire my learning more than I could ever inspire theirs…which is not at all how we are taught homeschooling should be. It is in this that I am able to see how I am unschooled just as much as they are. It never ends simply because the “school years” are over.

Loving this crazy journey.


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