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Sugar Free Jam *without* Artificial Sweeteners!

I don ‘t know about you, but I am loving fruit right now. I already told you about the amazing peaches I’ve been getting from our CSA, but have I mentioned the plums? How about the berries from the farmer’s market? Or the figs that are making an appearance now…

I really try to limit fruit but sometimes you just need something sweet, and fruit is a great direction to go in when that craving hits.

I have also learned how to make jam without sugar, or any other nasty sweeteners. (Heads up! Splenda is NOT healthy.)

It is a super simple process, and you can do it with most fruits that typically work well in jam.

You only need three ingredients and about an hour:

1 TBSP chia seeds

1TBSP water

1 cup fruit

Pulse the water and chia in your blender for a bit. Add your fruit and blend. Pour into a jar and refrigerate for an hour. Voila…Jam! No added sugar, no preservatives…no guilt!

Also, its a great way to get chia into you, which is awesome. Why eat chia? Let me tell you…


It is awesome on these coconut flour crepes! (Especially if you add a dollup of coconut cream!)



I love peaches. I’m trying not to eat too many peaches, but I love peaches.

Ordering “seasonal fruit mix” in my CSA box is always a risk. I could end up with 2 pounds of plums, which may result in me eating 2 or 3. There is always the chance, however, that I will end up with delicious, amazing peaches, in which case, I will likely eat all but 1.

The texture of the peaches I have been receiving is unlike any peach I have ever eaten. It almost has a gelatin quality to it. So creamy…delicate, but not smooshy. Really, really exquisite. Just look at the color:


I wasn’t sure if they were so amazing because they were some super special variety that I have never heard of (like the purple long beans that surprised me a few weeks ago) or if they were that delicious simply because they were organically, patiently grown. SO, because I know my farmer, I asked her. Here is her response (which also filled my “you learn something new every day” quota):

“Fay Alberta…super fragile old school variety. We often have our crew pick them with gloves on ’cause they bruise at the touch! Enjoy 🙂 Glad they arrived looking good!”

So there you have it. Fay Alberta Peaches. My new favorite.

As awesome as they are right out of the box, they are also really great in baked goods. I don’t do much baking these days, but I really do love to bake. In fact, I miss it.  I tend to avoid baking these days because grain-free baking usually tastes gross can be hard to execute well.

This recipe from White Apron Health  for grain-free apple cinnamon bread is one of my faves, though. Want some amazing peach and cinnamon bread?  Sub 2 peeled and diced fresh peaches for the apple, preparing the bread according to the recipe in every other way. Top it with a cinnamon/honey compound butter, and you’re set. Add a cup of coffee, and prepare for paradise.

While you’re there, take a look around. Brigitte is a wealth of information.

Soak it up, gang…summer only comes once a year. Which means peaches only come once a year. Head out to your farmer’s market and try something new. You may never know what a peach is supposed to taste like until you do. 🙂

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