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Creative with Kale

I celebrated my 15th anniversary with my husband at the end of December. Total Michael Jackson “And nobody thought this would last” moment. Ha!

We clearly didn’t think about the future when we got married at Christmas time. At all. No thought of future kids, expenses, and how we were totally giving up the chance of ever celebrating our future 15th anniversary due to all of our future money being tied up in presents for our future 3 kids.

So, I make a nice dinner.

I get a CSA box every week and I cannot believe the inspiration it gives me. There is just something about the colors and vibrancy that makes me want to create something amazing.


I was planning on a nice country dinner complete with collard greens until I realized we had eaten them all two nights before.

I totally HAD to find something good for us because the rest of the dinner was chicken fried steak, fried potato slices (with a butter and parmesan garlic sauce) and cornbread with honey butter.

Hey, the honey was local and raw. There is some redemption there, right?

The dinner needed greens and kale did the trick.

Here’s what I did:

Wash and pat dry (or salad spin) your kale

Chop into large pieces.

Saute 2 minced cloves of garlic in a pan with 2-3 TBSP olive oil

Add kale, and stir until coated.


Add 1/3 cup bone broth (I had homemade beef bone  broth…use whatever stock/broth you have)

Simmer for a few minutes until wilted and tender.

Season with salt

Drizzle with about 1 TBSP of red wine vinegar and serve.


And let’s be real…the rest of our carb-fest was too.

anniversary dinner

Kale isn’t just for chips and smoothies, ya’ll. Have some fun and make something new!

All Hail Kale!

So excited about greens right now. I love “green’s season”! I am most excited about my favorite leafy love, KALE.  While I enjoy kale cooked in many ways, my favorite is the fairly newly popular kale chip. Crispy, satisfying, and easily consumed without having to try too hard, (aka, you don’t have to force yourself to eat them), the kale chip my favorite way to stock up on the goodness of greens.

Why eat kale? Here are a few reasons:

KALE-Info-largeMy recipe for kale chips can be found HERE. They are quick, easy, cheap and DELICIOUS. Season however you like. I prefer mine with a little sea salt and garlic powder, but I have heard they are delicious dusted with nutritional yeast too. 🙂

Kale is available at most grocery stores, but being that it is time for greens in so many areas, check your local farmer’s market to see if it is available locally grown. Go with organic whenever you can…especially with tender plants like greens. I ordered some in my CSA box this week and am so looking forward to bakin’ it up. So grateful to live in an area where so much fresh food grows. Even more grateful for the local farmers that take the time to grow our food without chemicals, pesticides and franken-seeds. 🙂

Take just a few minutes to prep these yourself, and save LOADS on the packaged ones. Homemade kale chips are a million times better than store-bought, and I prefer to know exactly what went into the process.

Love yourselves, ladies…from the inside out. 🙂


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