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It’s That Time of Year Again!


While I’m not a HUGE “pumpkin spice all the things” person, I do enjoy a pumpkin spice latte once in a while. It tastes and smells like the holidays, which is about as much as I enjoy the holidays, to be honest.

Ugh. Holidays.

While I enjoy the latte, I don’t enjoy the price tag, OR the fact that I live 60 minutes from the nearest coffee shop.  Sooo,  when I rec’d two pumpkins in my CSA box this week, I had a moment of inspiration.

“I shall make my own!”, I declared.

Ok, I didn’t really *declare* it…it was more like, “Hmm…I wonder if I can make a pumpkin spice latte without any formal barista training, dairy, refined sugar, and without an espresso machine?”

And make one I did.

I had to start with the pumpkin. I needed puree. I don’t have a steamer or any fancy equipment in my kitchen, so I had to get creative. Before I forget, however, please note that pumpkin is good for more than just lattes and jack-o-lanterns. The effort you are about to put out for this recipe is so worth it! Your body will thank you. 😉



Ok, enough about how healthy it is…back to how delicious it can be.

Step 1: Gather pumpkin, bowl for seeds, cutting board, and sharp knife:


Slice pumpkin into wedges and remove seeds, setting aside for later. If you’re smart, you’ll make roasted pumpkin seeds. If you’re me, you’ll put them in a bowl of water to attempt “pumpkin strand” removal, only to forget about them and end up with a bowl of useless bloated pumpkin seeds. (If you have chickens, the seeds are an excellent de-wormer!)


Next, I put my .50 cent thrift store pasta colander into my soup pot, dropped some water in the bottom, dropped the pumpkin inside, topped with lid and steamed until fork tender. You could use a steamer basket or veggie steamer if you are not lucky enough to own mismatched pieces that just happen to work together in a pinch.


Once fork tender, I pulled the skin off, and pureed the pumpkin in my food processor. I also didn’t take a [crappy cellphone] picture of that.

Once I had my puree, I brewed some pretty strong coffee. I used one heaping TBSP of coffee per cup.

While the coffee brewed, I gathered my ingredients to make 2 latte’s:

3-4 TBSP of coconut sugar, depending on taste

6 TBSP of pumpkin puree

2 TBSP of grassfed butter (not pictured, and also not categorized as “dairy” in my world.)

2 tsp of raw honey (also not pictured)

1/4 tsp vanilla (which I make myself, hence the tacky maple syrup bottle sporting half of a label.)

1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice (or in my case, some cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger and clove thrown together in random measurements. It was mostly cinnamon, fwiw.)

8 oz hot, strong coffee

1.5 cups hemp milk

pumpkin 4

Toss all ingredients into the blender.

Blend for 30 seconds or so until it starts to foam up.

It was at this point that I realized it was going to be a lukewarm latte, due to all that cold hemp milk, so I transferred the blender contents to small pot and heated over med-low heat until warm, whisking frequently.


I then served it, nice and hot in my fave mug:


From two small pumpkins, I was able to freeze enough puree for about 12 more latte’s. I froze them in 6 TBSP measurements in little baggies for later.

Like, say, when the holidays come and I need a little caffeine to get me through the drama fun-filled nights.

Happy (almost)  fall!

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