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Look Where We’re Going!

So I just got back from vacation with my husband. Vegas. First time on vacation that wasn’t work related or a familiy trip…ever. Kind of amazing.

I’ve been in a funk since we got back, so in an effort to recover I decided there is only one way to stop the vacay mourning process: Plan the next one.

This time with the kiddos.


This is where we are going. I am SO excited. The kids are too. The hubs even pointed out that there are “unschool dad” groups he can attend. I love that he noticed and cares.

Everything about this trip excites me. The location, the route we’re taking, the city we’re staying in, the philosophy behind the conference…it’s all just so wonderful.

Can’t wait to do a bit of “Roamschooling” with the fam…only 268 more days!

Why Unschoolers Unschool…and More.

I sent this link to my husband a bit ago. Not only because he is an unschooling parent, but because he is a member of upper management. What amazing information and research for someone in his position(s) to have.

The line between school years and work years really isn’t a necessary one. One’s experience really can just evolve.


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